End of a Political Era?

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The Chronicles of Earl Bray of Yorkshire

What strange times in which we live… the sheer buffoonery, perhaps intentional, from our political establishment makes Monty Python look sane. I personally believe we witnessing the end of a political era, the death of the two main parties. The Conservatives in open civil war over Brexit and the Labour Party in open civil war over antisemitism, hard left fanaticism and Brexit.

No one disputes the seismic nature of the historic referendum result on June 24rd 2016, its consequences are much more profound than most people could ever imagine. The only commentator that made sense on the morning of the referendum result was Peter Hitchens (BBC 2016); he said that both the corpses of the main parties have been “propping each other up with their rigor mortis.” It was on that day, the political landscape dramatically shifted, certainly in the minds of the proletariat.

One of Nigel Farage’s favourite…

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